Friday, June 28, 2013

Week accountability and current giveaway!

This week has been surprisingly calm. Lots of thunderstorms in the evenings canceling events that we had planned allowing for us to have more family time.  I started to run the number of days that I will be running once my training plan starts and so far, so good.  I am running a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule with Wednesday and Saturday being my rest days.  I work weekends so unfortunately I have to do my long runs on Thursday mornings at 5.  This is always a challenge for me because I am a night owl and have no interest being up at that time of day.  It has proved to be helpful with the heat and the humidity FINALLY making it's way to VA. I did all my runs this week but only one day of Insanity which I took it easy on because when I was doing some of the jumping, my left knee started to talk to me.  Not in the same place and only when I was doing high impact stuff.  I was fearful for my long run on Thursday morning, but it gave me little to no trouble but I am restarting my glute exercises to try to keep whatever it is at bay.
On a fun note..... my mom called me and said she needed to get a pair of running shoes. We live a little over two hours from each other but can meet in the middle in Fredericksburg, VA where they have a running shop, VA Runner.  She wanted me to go with her and truthfully, I wanted to make sure they didn't sell her a pair of Newtons to start. The gentleman that worked with my mother was SPECTACULAR!!!  He did everything that I wanted him to do and she decided on a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders and she LOVES them.    She has two weeks to try them out and return them to the shop if she doesn't like them. I am so proud of my momma, she is running every other day and is so happy.  I hope she keeps it up and we get to run together in Myrtle Beach!!!

Anyone training with their mom or run a race with their adult mother?

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  1. I used to live in NoVa and there was a VA Runner in Woodbridge - loved that place! I also used to adore my Wave Riders until the toe box got narrowed.

  2. I have tried them and really like them!

  3. I have to find myself a 'professional shoe store'. But nope I run with myself or with the Hubby!

  4. I ran an IronGirl event this April with my 70 year old mother. It was her first road race. I also wear Mizunos. Mine are Wave Creation, they feel amazing!