Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals!!!

Happy July..... quite possibly my favorite month of the year. This is the month of my birth and ALWAYS the month of my vacation to the beach!!  I am not a HUGE fan of running in the heat but it really doesn't bother me that much.  I've decided to try and set some goals for this month as I did a few months ago and didn't hold myself accountable.

Here's July's goals/challenges:
1. Complete HIIT Challenge (Big HIIT)
2. Complete Ab Challenge (Busy Body Ab Challenge)
3. Run 75 miles (get 20 mile/week base set for training)
4. Foam roll 3 x week

I think these are all doable goals but they always are on the 1st of July.  I have a couple of reviews coming up.  I just got a HUGE box from VitaCost, a Runner Box, some more info and reviews of Kindrunner.com , Swirlgear review and a few others that I can't wait to get!!!
I continuing to work on this process and feel like I am a three time a weeker!!!  Sorry people, I love my kids more than my blog and it's the summer and I need to spend as much quality time with them as I can while they are little.  I know everyone will understand and I am so grateful for the support in the blogging community that I have received!!  I still have yet to let my family and friends know my blog address but I am getting more comfortable with this process and confident in my blogging that I think I may introduce them to Pamommy soon!!!

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