Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RunnerBox Review and Discount Code

All I can say is HOLY COW does RunnerBox know how to put together a monthly subscription.  I got this beauty in the mail last week and we have been tearing it up ever since.  I wanted to get my review up as fast as possible as I have a discount code that is good till the July 13th and I wanted my friends to have a chance to use it!!
Here's how my wonderful package arrived at my doorstep.  It was shipped pretty fast and I was super happy when I found it in my mailbox.
Pretty packaging, everything tucked in nice and tight. Good thing when you see everything that came in this thing!!

And here it is!!  All the goodies tucked in so nice and neat!!  Here's a quick list of what was in the box:
- Honey Stinger Energy Bar
- Kind Bar
- Island Boost
- Lenny & Larry Muscle Brownie
- Click
- Sensible Food
- Nuun
- Leg Cramps
- Ion Design
- Shower Pill
- Run Guard
- Pure Protein Bars
- Knuckle Lights Coupon
- Probar Bolt Chews

So far my husband and I have managed to get through a few items in the box, I've only had it since Wednesday and we were away all weekend but here's what we got into!!  
Kind Bar- They are made from all natural ingredients.  Good for before/during/after your run!  These are my husbands favorite.  It was eaten almost right away!!  They are really good, nuts and chocolate, who could turn it down!
Island Boost-I tried this one before my 5 miler on Thursday.  Loved the taste, it's got coconut water in it, and is gentle on the stomach!!  It's a fuel that is full of electrolytes and goodness that promises to keep your tummy happy.  
Nuun- Active hydration tabs that came prepackaged, grape and lemon-lime.  Of course I took these.  I LOVE Nuun. Drank one on Sunday after my long run and one on Monday after my hot run!  These are my favorite hydration tabs out there.  
Ion Designs-  Reflective transfer that make you visible from the road.  This one came with three different transfers and I used the flower one on one of my running hats.  Transferred easily and I am testing it out tonight on my night run!
Run Guard- Anti-chafing bar, need I say more.  My husband tried it on his underarm area during his Insanity workout and I must say it definitely looked like it worked.  He said there was less irritation from his arms rubbing together.  
ProBar Chews-  Organic chews packed with electrolytes, carbs and vitamins to use during your run.  I used these during my long run.  They tasted good and had little to no effect on my stomach.  I got the energy I needed and finished off my long run!

So, I think we've done a pretty good job on getting through some of the products.  I am taking the Sensible Foods with me today for our trip to swimming lessons.  They are 100% crunch dried foods with no preservatives.  I have some Edamame and Tropical Fruit Blends to take with me to try out.  Along with all the products, I received coupons/discount codes for 5 of the products in the box which will come in handy when I go to order additional items from the companies!
Here's a little info about the company and the subscriptions.  

"A bimonthly subscription to RunnerBox filled with products geared towards runners.  The box will arrive every other month, shipped right to your front door!  Try out new products and get discounts on your favorites!  You may continue the subscription for as long as you wish, and cancel at any time."
"RunnerBox is a curated box of running & fitness products. It's a gift to yourself or someone else, that arrives at your door from energy drinks, nutrition bars, protein shakes, gels, chews and accessories. We search out great products, from tired and true to brand new, and send them to you in our custom box."
You can find them at http://therunnerrbox.com/ or On Facebook
Here's the code for 10% off your subscription or a giftbox for a runner friend. Type in LOVETORUN at checkout for this great discount.  
Has anyone tried RunnerBox or any other monthly/bimonthly subscription boxes out there?  Do you have a favorite?

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