Friday, July 5, 2013

Foam Roller Bruises??

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We did over here in the Pamommy household.  My husband took the day off which NEVER happens and we got to celebrate as a family for once.  I set my alarm clock for 6AM for my long run but woke up with a bad headache and did not feel like getting out of bed, soooooo I stayed in bed and suffered through a hot/humid 10AM short run and moved my long to Sunday!  I'm gonna need a long run after a VERY quick trip to WV for a family baby shower.
This week I've put in 10 miles, I owe 10 more before the week is over and plan on doing at least 3 today and then 7 more on Sunday. I've done the abs challenge everyday and am enjoying that.  I have developed a little tenderness in my left hip so I've been rolling like a madwoman and have the bruises to show for it!!  Anyone else bruise from their foam roller??  I get them on my hips almost every time.
Well hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I will be reviewing Island Boost and Power Paks after my long run this Sunday.  I had plans for that on Thursday but thankfully I can move some things around until the end of July when I have to get serious and start my half training.

Have a great weekend!!  Happy running!

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  1. I haven't seen actual bruises from foam rolling, but my goodness how very SORE I was during the first week of rolling! I'm surprised I didn't see bruises! Oh, it was so very painful! Now its manageable, but I can relate to the pain.