Friday, June 28, 2013

Week accountability and current giveaway!

This week has been surprisingly calm. Lots of thunderstorms in the evenings canceling events that we had planned allowing for us to have more family time.  I started to run the number of days that I will be running once my training plan starts and so far, so good.  I am running a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule with Wednesday and Saturday being my rest days.  I work weekends so unfortunately I have to do my long runs on Thursday mornings at 5.  This is always a challenge for me because I am a night owl and have no interest being up at that time of day.  It has proved to be helpful with the heat and the humidity FINALLY making it's way to VA. I did all my runs this week but only one day of Insanity which I took it easy on because when I was doing some of the jumping, my left knee started to talk to me.  Not in the same place and only when I was doing high impact stuff.  I was fearful for my long run on Thursday morning, but it gave me little to no trouble but I am restarting my glute exercises to try to keep whatever it is at bay.
On a fun note..... my mom called me and said she needed to get a pair of running shoes. We live a little over two hours from each other but can meet in the middle in Fredericksburg, VA where they have a running shop, VA Runner.  She wanted me to go with her and truthfully, I wanted to make sure they didn't sell her a pair of Newtons to start. The gentleman that worked with my mother was SPECTACULAR!!!  He did everything that I wanted him to do and she decided on a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders and she LOVES them.    She has two weeks to try them out and return them to the shop if she doesn't like them. I am so proud of my momma, she is running every other day and is so happy.  I hope she keeps it up and we get to run together in Myrtle Beach!!!

Anyone training with their mom or run a race with their adult mother?

Here's my giveaway.... don't forget to enter!!!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Energybits review and giveaway

Energybits.... strange but GOOD!!! I recently contacted the company after hearing some buzz in the running world about these small green things.  The company graciously sent me a sample and I got to try them out.  I opened the package and was surprised to what I saw.  I had read about them and how they were 100% algae and 60% protein but was not prepared for this.  

Here's a little product info:

"100% algae 60% protein & ONLY ONE CALORIE each! Healthy little snack and natural source of ENERGY to supercharge you, leaving you mentally and physically stimulated for any activity!"

We started our company because we want you to have an easier, faster way to be healthy and energized. We also want to make the world a better place. So we decided what ever we did had to be completely natural, good for both you and the environment, high protein, low calories, fun and stylish! After four years, we finally found the answer. Algae. 
Want more energy, more mental vitality, or a healthy high protein snack you can grab on the go? How about a quick way to boost your athletic performance, supercharge your run or crank up your endurance while working or working out? If so, ENERGYbits® are for you. Made from 100% organicallly grown spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab. Endorsed by the United Nations as the most nutritious food on earth, spirulina algae has been a favorite of Olympic gold medalists for decades and is a super food in every sense of the word, delivering instant and enduring energy to your brain and body.

Check them out at energybits on the web or on Facebook at energybits.  

Now onto my experience with it.  I have been having dead leg days around here.  I decided I would try them before my mid-week run and took around 20 "food bits" as they are called. I took them with water because truthfully I don't think I want to have all that algae stuck between m teeth while I'm running around!!
I took them about 15 minutes prior to my run.  I felt good, legs were not dead.  I have tried the "food bits before Insanity and have made it through the workout with little fatigue. They seem to work.  I have a few left and am going to try again before my long run.  I am always VERY hesitant of what I put in my stomach before runs as I have a sensitive stomach and don't want to ruin my longs!!
So here's the part everyone has been waiting for..... the giveaway.  Energybits will be sending one of you lucky folks some of these precious "food bits"  Follow the rafflecopter and good luck!!!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Running plans and upcoming review and giveaway!!

MIA again, back again and trying to do a couple of posts this week including an Energybits giveaway!!
This week was a busy one even though there was no gymnastics or sports class AND I backed off running a little this week.  Some weeks, especially when you're not  in a training plan these weeks can happen. I think I did 15 miles this week, 7 being my long which felt pretty good.  This week I am starting to do mock weeks for my training plan which kicks in the second week of July.

Here's this weeks schedule:
Monday: 3 miles/ abs/arms
Tuesday- 3 miles/ Insanity
Wednesday- abs/arms
Thursday- 8 miles (long)
Friday- 3 miles/ abs/arms
Saturday- REST
Sunday- 3 miles/ Insanity

I'm going to start out without speed work and then incorporate that when the training plan begins as I HATE speed work!!! Who am I kidding, I've never really done speed work but the thought of it makes me nervous.
Update on my mom...... she is still running.  She is disappointed because she can only run a song, walk a song.  She makes sure she is running at least 30 minutes and is trying to get adjusted to running outside in the heat!!! I'm so proud of her!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy running this week, hope I can stick to my plans.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My awesome week so far!!

Oh what a wonderful week!!!! Last Friday I started the process of becoming a Swirlgear Ambassador and later Monday afternoon, I found out that I was now part of this amazing team of women that get to rock out some of the best looking running apparel that I've seen in a long time. The concept of Swirlgear started in 2006 when their founder, Lacie Whyte,  was running Grandma's Marathon. She was having a hard race and started looking around at the women's running apparel and decided that there had to be something better out there, better option for running apparel. Swirlgear was born at that moment. She uses moisture-wicking fabric, flattering cuts and spray-dyed colors that inspired its name. In 2012, Whyte decided to take on a partner  to expand the brand and bring it to where it currently is now. A new line is coming out this fall and I personally love the items that are offered. Check them out at Swirlgear.  If you see something you like, like I did, enter code 915 at checkout for free shipping.

The next FABULOUS piece of news that I got was from Girls Gone Sporty. I was accepted into their Ambassador program Tuesday.  Here's a little about the group that I am so happily a part of now!!

Girls Gone Sporty, LLC

Helping you “Live the Sporty Life!”
The “sporty life” is more than just fitness and nutrition, it’s an attitude that’s focused on embracing fun and adventure. The sporty woman says, “I can do anything I put my mind to, I just need the resources to do it.” That’s where Girls Gone Sporty comes in.
Girls Gone Sporty is dedicated to sharing the top products, trends and ideas for advancing the fit and adventurous lifestyle. We know that sporty women work hard, play hard, compete and eat, all with the intention of being their best, most positive selves. Our commitment is to provide positive, informative and encouraging content that’s based on science and experience.
We know that healthy living is contagious and that healthy living is about more than weight loss. We encourage women everywhere to embrace whole health and an attitude of adventure – body, mind, spirit and lifestyle – right where they are now. As such, we’re committed to creating a community of encouragement through social media and our own forum.
Check them out at Girls Gone Sporty.  I look forward to meeting all the amazing women in the group!!! 
**** The most absolute fabulous part of my week is from my family. I got a call from my mom this past week that she ran for 35 minutes straight on her treadmill.  She was so happy and excited that she could DO IT!! I've been trying to get her to run a 5K with me for years now and I think she has gotten the bug.  She has run two more times since our initial conversation and loves it. She ran outside and was a little disappointed that it was more difficult the treadmill.  A friend of mine and I are running the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in October and they have a 5K option the day before the half. I told my mother I would run it with her, probably ruining my chances of PRing the half but I would rather encourage my 50-something mother to run and get healthy than PR a race!!
Training this week has been far from extraordinary  I've been mentally and physically preparing myself for the monster training plan I am going to use for the Myrtle Beach Mini. I have been running ow mileage (staying right around 18/mpw) and doing Insanity in the evening with my hubby, hoping the cross training will help with the IT band issues I had after my marathon.  
Anyone doing or done the Insanity program? What are my chances of PRing (sub 1:50)my half after running a 5K the day before?  Let me know how I'm doing, I love feedback, good and bad!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

Let's see, where to begin. Even though this weekend was Father's Day weekend, my husband gave me the first treat of the weekend Friday night. I work weekends, part time OT, and knew that I had a long day on Saturday so my hubby offered to take all three of the kids to my daughter's t-ball practice and let me do my long run (6 miles) that evening while they were out. He told me early on that day so I was ready and hydrated when he got home. I got the long done, no pain in the IT band but legs are feeling DEAD!! I'm not sure what's going on. I've increased my water, decreased my mileage and have been taking it easy for the last two weeks, giving myself enough down time to get mentally and physically to be ready for the 16 week plan I have for the Myrtle Beach Half but nothing seems to be working. I got through it but they were not the greatest miles I've ever run and not the worst! Saturday was working and then playing with the kids, cooking outdoors and camping out (I slept in the house, kids and hubby in tent out back). We played kickball, we played t-ball, we played Frisbee, we played in the pool and went for a walk. Needless to say, the kids were exhausted but for some reason, I couldn't shut down until after 2AM. I hate when I have a ton of things swirling in my brain and can't shut it off! Sunday was spent cooking the kids and hubby a big breakfast then heading out into the mountains to have lunch. We decided on Devil's Backbone out at Wintergreen and it was great!! The food was great, the beer was great and the kids had a great time. We got home in time for a quick three, legs still felt dead, and then snuggled on the couch for a cartoon before bed. Family time has become so important in our house! This summer we have decreased the use of the TV to maybe a half hour for the kids in the evening (if there's time). We are taking walks, playing board games and playing outside until it's time for bed. It was a huge adjustment in the beginning but now they don't even ask to watch TV anymore. My kids are growing so fast and we need to relish our time with them as much as we can before they are gone!! Hope all the dad's out there had a wonderful Father's Day!! I missed not being able to see my dad but will be meeting up with the clan this weekend for my brother's housewarming party!! Crabs and beer, just what I need! :) Any suggestions on the legs? They feel like this no matter what time I run, 430AM or 630PM. I am willing to try just about anything (except rest) to get them back!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm back..... already!

This world is way too addicting. I tried to stay away for the week and here I am, Friday, posting another blog. This has been an interesting week for me in the world of exercise and fitness. I restarting the Insanity Program with my husband while continuing to run about 15 miles/week. I know that is low mileage but I have no races until Ocotber and my training program is not set to start until the second week of July. It's nice being able to make my long run what I want it to be, not my training plan. This week has also proved to be difficult for my head. I have been suffering from headaches all week. Changed out my contacts, stopped wearing eye make-up, drank more water but I did change something. I think I have inadvertently dropped my caffeine intake (new Nuun is caffeine free) and I have stopped soda in the evening and gone to water instead as the temps are back up and I need to hydrate pre and post run! Monday- 3 miles on the treadmill (boo for rain) + Insanity Cardio Plyometric Tuesday- rested (bad day all around, should have done Insanity but skipped it) Wednesday- 3 miles (am hot/humid run + Insanity Pure Cardio) Today- 3 miles (probably end up on the treadmill with encroaching derecho)+ Insanity Friday- rest day Saturday- planned long run (6+ miles) + work all day Sunday- 3 miles easy run Not bad for a slow non-training week. Last night my husband asked if I was doing all this to look good at the wedding I'm in in September, HELL no was my reply. I'm doing this to kick that halfs but in October. I am trying to PR the Myrtle Beach Mini and get under 1:50 this time around so I am doing a lot of different things this training round to decrease my time. I've never done speed work but am incorporating at least once a week speed work into my training, hoping to see the results from that and the strengthening from the Insanity! Anyone doing the Insanity program right now? What's your take on speed work? Headaches anyone?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Giving in for a little!!!

I've tried and tried and tried and tried but I just can't do it all right now. I've been struggling with keeping up with everything, from housework, work, my kids activities, training, cooking, and blogging/Facebook page/twitter account and I really am losing the battle. My kids are first and I feel like their behavior has changed since I have been trying to devote some time in the AM to blogging and doing all the necessaries for keeping up with all the social medias I am involved with. We gave up TV for the summer too which makes it harder as they are in the constant fighting stage and I am the referee. I am going to blog as I feel I need to, when something important is happening with my training and life. I am in the down phase right now, too many weeks out from a race to follow a training plan but not far enough out where I can let my miles drop. I am starting Insanity with my husband tonight (his favorite) and going to keep logging between 15-20 miles per week! I am starting my 16 week half plan in July for my back to backs in October and November (Myrtle Beach Mini and Richmond Half). Maybe then I will be inspired to blog more frequently and I will have a little more time on my hands as my twins will be in preschool 3 hours two times a week. Here's hoping I have more time to train then too.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Java Gum Giveaway

I was recently contacted by a company to try their new gum.  I am a gum chewer when I run! I have to have a piece in my mouth at all times or I know it will be a bad run.  I decided to give it a try, I love coffee, I love gum, should be a great combination.  Here's the scoop on the company:

Try Java Gum! This great tasting gum—available in peppermint and spearmint—fights drowsiness as effectively as a 10-oz. cup of coffee, but leaves breath minty-fresh. A single pack of gum (8 pieces) costs less than an eighth of the average cost of energy drinks, works up to five times faster, and yields a higher profit. Each piece of Java Gum packs 65 milligrams of caffeine and is both sugar and gluten free.
Whether you are a mom on the go, a nurse working a long shift, a student trying to pull an all-nighter or a construction worker who doesn't have time to grab a cup of coffee, Java Gum supplies an instant boost that’ll fit any active lifestyle.

I tried the gum out on a short run as the gentleman I talked to said that the gum lasts for about 45 minutes.  In it went, I decided to try the spearmint flavor.  Tasted good, no coffee taste to it.   The package says to chew one piece by mouth for moderate effect, two pieces for full strength effect.  I decided since it was 8PM that I would stick to one piece of gum.  I got through an easy 4 and felt good.  I was still energized when I finished my run but was not kept up all night as I would be if I drank a cup of coffee at that time in the evening.  
While I'm not sure if the run was energized from the gum or if it was just a great run, I am going to continue to chew the gum, especially for my early morning runs when I skip the coffee till after the run to prevent my caffeine headache.  I went  on the website and found out that it is sold at about four places near my home (I live out in the COUNTRY) so I was excited that the product is available to me.  Check them out on Facebook Java Gum
Now for the giveaway.  I'm giving away one pack of Java Gum, peppermint flavor.  
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4 The Wounded 5K review and Day 1-Manmaker Challenge

Sorry I've been MIA!! I've been trying to consistently post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but last week, life got in the way. My first giveaway went better than I expected, looking forward to my next one on Wednesday.  Last week was dedicated to shorter runs leading up to a basically all up hill 5K that I've run with my husband for 3 years now.  The first year he beat me, never again. I got a race PR 25:26 which was OK, I was shooting for 24 something but realized at mile 2 it wasn't going to happen.  No worries, there's always next year for me but my husband decided not to run it again. We will give them the entry for my hubby and let our kids run the fun run after the 5K.
The first part of the course(0.5 miles) was straight down hill but what goes down, must come up.  The next 1.5 miles was a gradual, then steep, then gradual hill climb. There was an option for a trail section of the race or a road and with my knee history, I decided I'd stick to the road, my husband left me at this point for the trail!!  Another climb, then down, then another climb, down and then another small hill followed by a down hill finish.  I was sweating so bad that my IT band brace slid down my leg by mile 1 so I figured I'd just have to run without.  Surprisingly, it didn't bother me to run without it.  My husband believes that the band is a crutch, that it physically does nothing for me.  The MD I saw for this said that it decreased the load to the IT tendon by 10% which may give me about another 0.2 miles before the pain would kick in.
This race is not FUN by no means but it all the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I believe in this Project and feel that we need to help these young men and women that made the sacrifice to serve and we are responsible for making their lives better than they were before they left! I will continue to run this race, donate to the cause, or volunteer to help in any way I can. This year they raised 125K!!
If you are in the Charlottesville are during this time of year and the race is available, I would recommend it to anyone.  Bad to the Bone Racing does a phenomenal job putting on races and I have run a ton of them!
I also started a new challenge for June, started late.  It's called the Manmaker Challenge. I did not do Saturday or Sunday as I had the 5K and then worked and took a break from everything so I started Monday evening with 10.  HOLY MOLY!! I love them, they hurt so bad and that to me is a good thing!! Looking forward to the rest of the challenge and hope I can keep up!! Here's a link to the challenge El Greene's Fit & Healthy and Nicole Cobb Fitness

Monday, June 3, 2013

Kindrunner launch

A few weeks ago I attended a fun run/obstacle foam,mud race and was very disappointed at the end. People were trowing their used shoes away.  Do you know how many pairs of shoes got trashed that weekend?? A TON!!! I was approached by a new company that is going to change the way we look at and dispose of those running shoes we go through every 3-6 months.  I personally have 8 pairs of Brooks Defyance shoes in my closet that been worn have ONLY been worn on the road but are DEAD!!! I have donated them, I have thrown them away, I have given them to strangers that needed shoes. Now here is the answer to what every runner can do with their shoes.......

Some of the features of kindrunner which NO ONE else offers and makes for a unique experience -

Confident Runner Pricing – An option presented upon checkout which rewards those who know exactly what they are looking for. This option waives the Free Return Shipping but offers the shoe at a below retail price. Shipping of product to customer is still free, as is the return shipping of donated shoes for Kindness

Cash Rewards Program. -Free 3 Way Shipping
 – Free shipping of your order to you, free shipping of any returns for any reason, free shipping of your donated shoes back to us for re-purposing with Soles 4 Souls or The More Foundation Group.
 -Kindness Cash Rewards Program – This is what turns your old shoes into credit towards new ones or any product on our website. KCR are available to the customer after any footwear purchase (the idea behind this is to replace your old shoes with new ones, and keep the old ones out of the garbage, landfills, or ones closet… thus why it is available after footwear purchase). Upon receipt of their footwear order, customers have the option to place their old shoes into the KindRunner shipping box and place the pre-paid return label on the box for shipment back to us. Upon receipt of the label, we will scan the bar code and place the KCR onto the customers account for future use. Each return label (whether it contain one pair or 4 pairs of shoes) is worth $10 KCR per new shoes purchased (5 pairs purchased on that order, you can earn up to $50 KCR) or credits towards future purchase. The KCR can be used to purchase ANYTHING that kindrunner sells and will never expire.
 --Expert Product Reviews – Some of you may have seen some of these on our youtube page, Each and every product we carry will come with an expert product review video on the same page that the product is listed on. These videos are done by individuals who have worked in the running industry for a number of years either as shoe reps, store owners, or expert shoe fitters at one of the oldest running stores in the nation. We bring the knowledge of your neighborhood specialty run shop to the comforts of your own home!
 -Easy 365 returns – A customer has 365 days to return any product, so long as it is in its original packaging and in its original condition. If you are injured and unable to use the shoe, if your doctor wants you in a different model because of orthotics, no worries… no questions asked!
 -Next up is a nice reward for our earliest customers, this is key as I think people will be excited by it. “Free Socks for Life” to our first 500 customers! Each time one of our first 500 customers returns and purchases a new shoe their order will ship with a free pair of socks of their choice from our sock inventory. As long as this customer continues to run, they will continue to get socks from!

Please go and check out their site and tell me what you think!! I love the reviews of the shoes, I may be a Brooks girl but I am loving seeing what else is out there for me!