Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4 The Wounded 5K review and Day 1-Manmaker Challenge

Sorry I've been MIA!! I've been trying to consistently post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but last week, life got in the way. My first giveaway went better than I expected, looking forward to my next one on Wednesday.  Last week was dedicated to shorter runs leading up to a basically all up hill 5K that I've run with my husband for 3 years now.  The first year he beat me, never again. I got a race PR 25:26 which was OK, I was shooting for 24 something but realized at mile 2 it wasn't going to happen.  No worries, there's always next year for me but my husband decided not to run it again. We will give them the entry for my hubby and let our kids run the fun run after the 5K.
The first part of the course(0.5 miles) was straight down hill but what goes down, must come up.  The next 1.5 miles was a gradual, then steep, then gradual hill climb. There was an option for a trail section of the race or a road and with my knee history, I decided I'd stick to the road, my husband left me at this point for the trail!!  Another climb, then down, then another climb, down and then another small hill followed by a down hill finish.  I was sweating so bad that my IT band brace slid down my leg by mile 1 so I figured I'd just have to run without.  Surprisingly, it didn't bother me to run without it.  My husband believes that the band is a crutch, that it physically does nothing for me.  The MD I saw for this said that it decreased the load to the IT tendon by 10% which may give me about another 0.2 miles before the pain would kick in.
This race is not FUN by no means but it all the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I believe in this Project and feel that we need to help these young men and women that made the sacrifice to serve and we are responsible for making their lives better than they were before they left! I will continue to run this race, donate to the cause, or volunteer to help in any way I can. This year they raised 125K!!
If you are in the Charlottesville are during this time of year and the race is available, I would recommend it to anyone.  Bad to the Bone Racing does a phenomenal job putting on races and I have run a ton of them!
I also started a new challenge for June, started late.  It's called the Manmaker Challenge. I did not do Saturday or Sunday as I had the 5K and then worked and took a break from everything so I started Monday evening with 10.  HOLY MOLY!! I love them, they hurt so bad and that to me is a good thing!! Looking forward to the rest of the challenge and hope I can keep up!! Here's a link to the challenge El Greene's Fit & Healthy and Nicole Cobb Fitness

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