Monday, June 24, 2013

Running plans and upcoming review and giveaway!!

MIA again, back again and trying to do a couple of posts this week including an Energybits giveaway!!
This week was a busy one even though there was no gymnastics or sports class AND I backed off running a little this week.  Some weeks, especially when you're not  in a training plan these weeks can happen. I think I did 15 miles this week, 7 being my long which felt pretty good.  This week I am starting to do mock weeks for my training plan which kicks in the second week of July.

Here's this weeks schedule:
Monday: 3 miles/ abs/arms
Tuesday- 3 miles/ Insanity
Wednesday- abs/arms
Thursday- 8 miles (long)
Friday- 3 miles/ abs/arms
Saturday- REST
Sunday- 3 miles/ Insanity

I'm going to start out without speed work and then incorporate that when the training plan begins as I HATE speed work!!! Who am I kidding, I've never really done speed work but the thought of it makes me nervous.
Update on my mom...... she is still running.  She is disappointed because she can only run a song, walk a song.  She makes sure she is running at least 30 minutes and is trying to get adjusted to running outside in the heat!!! I'm so proud of her!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy running this week, hope I can stick to my plans.

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  1. Nice training week planned! Insanity and running? Wow!