Thursday, March 28, 2013

Running Accountability

So lately I've become less accountable for my running. In December I injured my IT band.  I'm not sure if it was my body telling me I hadn't rested long enough after my marathon or the minimalist shoes that I tried to switch too, either way, I really did a number on my IT.  I tried all the fun conservative treatments and then decided I would finally go see Dr. Wilder at the UVA run clinic.  He's a wonderful doc who actually gets out there and runs/coaches once a week with us commoners.  He set me up with steroids and sent me down to PT.  I am an OT and had been trying TENS and ultrasound but I was getting no results so I figured I'd let someone else have a try at it.  I attended a few sessions, received some great info but if anyone who is a SAHM with three kids knows, the actually act of finding time and getting to PT alone was a bigger challenge than the injury.
All that being said, I have worked my way back up to a long run of 5.5 with minimal to no pain but feel like I am a TOTAL slacker.  I am a person who has to have a race paid for and on my calender to keep me honest.  I was scheduled to race in Charlottesville the first weekend in April but got the race deferred as I knew I would never be ready.  Too many hills and not enough time on the road clocking good mileage.  Now I'm looking at my calender, tearful, at the lack of real distance races.  I have at least one 5K every month but want MORE!!! I'm also scared to death to push my knee in fear of another flare up.  Anyone out there like me? I have to believe someone else is out there.  :)

Here's my race schedule for the remainder of the year:
April- ASK 5K Richmond, VA
May- Foam Fest Richmond, VA
         Marine Corp 10K Fredericksburg, VA
June- 4 the Wounded 5K Charlottesville, VA
July- Summer Extravaganza 10K Waynesboro, VA
August- Patrick Henry Half (tentative) Ashland, VA
September- Color Run Richmond, VA
October- Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, SC
November- Richmond Half Marathon (tentative)
December- Blue and Gray Half Fredericksburg, VA

I'll probably work a few more 5K's in as my husband really enjoys running them with me.  Some of the races I haven't totally committed to for travel and injury reasons.  I need to get back to being comfortable with the 10 mile range before I can commit.  Call me paranoid but all that's a lot of cash and I don't race for t-shirts anymore.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Belts, packs, and bands, OH MY!!!

My running group went for a quick out and back 5 miler last night and we had a long discussion on what we wear to carry all our STUFF when we are running.  This all started as my running mates laughed as I laced my car key to my shoe so I wouldn't have to wear anything.  I hate not having my phone with me but I would rather not hold it so I leave it.
I've been looking into the Flipbelt (saw at the Richmond marathon expo), the SPI Belt (seen everywhere) and the Fitfanny pack that I found last night online.  I'm always skeptical to try out bands or belt as most of my experiences with belts have been chaffing and WAY too much movement. My running friends all have the SPI Belts but they have been semi-happy with them so I haven't invested the money in one. I think I may have to jump on the band wagon and try out both the Flipbelt and the Fitfanny pack.  Now the tough decision, what color to choose!!!
I'll let everyone know what I think after I give them a shot!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pro Compression Review

So, I've been hearing everyone rave about the Pro Compression Marathon socks and they were running a 40% off promo this month so I said what the heck, I'll try them too.  I already have a pair of CEP compression socks that I LOVE but they are pricey and these were only $30 after the promo code.  I got a pair of smalls as I have a size 8 shoe in women's.  They arrived at my house about 4 days after I ordered them and I decided to try them out last evening for a quick 3.5 mile run around the neighborhood in the snow! They were a little big and not as snug as my CEP's but a whole lot easier to put on. I really didn't feel like there was a difference in my legs or my run.  Same pace, same distance, same feeling (still no pain :)). 
I'll have to say though that my CEP's feel like they are offering compression, these may be too big but I followed the sizing chart so I'm thinking that is the type of compression the socks are supposed to offer.  On a positive not, they are SUPER cute in pink!!! My CEP's are white (boring) so it's a nice change and my neighbors think I'm really crazy now with my getups. 
Next up will be a Kona Kase review.  They are sending me a Kase in the mail and are offering my readers a 50% off discount on their Kase if you enter the code "hughes".  I'll let you know what I think as soon as I dig into the Kase.
Happy Running!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

My new long runs

So yesterday I decided I was going to get my long run(haha, 5.5 miles) in since this weekend is going to be crazy out-of-control and not to mention, they are calling for more SNOW.  Started out my new normal route since injuring my IT band.  Smaller rolling hills that I have been handling well for the past few weeks.  After a lap I decided I was ready to tackle the MONSTER hill in the back of my neighborhood.  As I was running down the hill, I was waiting for the pain to kick in......... nothing. I ended my run with two more rolling hill laps and called it an evening. I needed to ice my knee but my hubby and kids were patiently waiting for me to make dinner so that had to wait till after dinner, dishes and the kids baths. 
Not sure how many of my fellow injured runners do this but I literally WAIT for the pain to start.  I've been consistently running 3-4 miles pain free but feel like I need to start getting my distance up there again.  I went from running a marathon in November to not being able to run a mile without terrible pain in my knee.  I've been all the routes, MD, PT, rolling, ice, rest, stretching and strengthening. I can't wait for the day when I am running and don't even think about my knee again.  I hope that day is soon because I feel like I will never get there. 
Here's to pain free runs!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work in progress

As I posted earlier, this a HUGE work in progress. I recently was named a Sweat Pink Ambassador and have my pink shoe laces and new top to show for it. Looking forward to meeting other inspirational ladies and other like minded women who share their passion for running and fitness. Short and sweet right now but will get better as I get better at this.

Monday, March 11, 2013

First time

Well I am taking the giant leap into the blogging world.  I am a 30-something mother of three who got bitten by the running bug later in life. I would love to use this blog to write about my adventures in running and raising twin sons and a very dramatic little girl.  Here's to new experiences!! More to come just have to figure out what I am doing in my free time :)