Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Belts, packs, and bands, OH MY!!!

My running group went for a quick out and back 5 miler last night and we had a long discussion on what we wear to carry all our STUFF when we are running.  This all started as my running mates laughed as I laced my car key to my shoe so I wouldn't have to wear anything.  I hate not having my phone with me but I would rather not hold it so I leave it.
I've been looking into the Flipbelt (saw at the Richmond marathon expo), the SPI Belt (seen everywhere) and the Fitfanny pack that I found last night online.  I'm always skeptical to try out bands or belt as most of my experiences with belts have been chaffing and WAY too much movement. My running friends all have the SPI Belts but they have been semi-happy with them so I haven't invested the money in one. I think I may have to jump on the band wagon and try out both the Flipbelt and the Fitfanny pack.  Now the tough decision, what color to choose!!!
I'll let everyone know what I think after I give them a shot!!

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