Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Goals and a giveaway

Story of my life..... MIA from blogging once again.  I've taken on a few more responsibilities over the past few weeks and life has gotten in the way again.
Here are my April Goals:
1. Run 100+ miles..check
2. Cut out sugar--- will begin decreasing and limiting sugar...not even close!!
3. Blog at least once a week ....nope
4. Plank 4 x week.... nope
5. Roll 3 x week.... nope

As you can see it was a STELLAR month!!  The only thing I did manage to keep up with was running, feeding my children, coach my daughters softball team, chair a 5K run for my daughters school, become secretary of the PTA, too many birthday parties to count, Easter, and work tons on the weekend hours.  Sometimes these months just happen! So let's try this again:

May Goals:
1. Run 100+ miles
2. Actively participate in T25 group
3. Plank 3 x week
4. Roll 3 x week
5. Blog once a week

Now onto the fun stuff!!!!

Crazy compression offered me a pair of socks to review and giveaway!!  I picked the OTC purple future dots as I am definitely on a purple kick.  

Here's some product and company info.

Here's what I think:
I wear compression socks for all runs over 10 miles and for recovery.  I have always been a firm believer in compression wear as I have worked in rehabilitation long enough to see the benefits that my patients get from them.  They offer good compression, do not wear out (I've worn them the last three long runs) and are not easily snagged. I will be buying more from them in the future as the designs that are offered are AWESOME!!!
Now for the even better stuff.... I'm giving one of you lovely readers a pair.  

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