Thursday, March 28, 2013

Running Accountability

So lately I've become less accountable for my running. In December I injured my IT band.  I'm not sure if it was my body telling me I hadn't rested long enough after my marathon or the minimalist shoes that I tried to switch too, either way, I really did a number on my IT.  I tried all the fun conservative treatments and then decided I would finally go see Dr. Wilder at the UVA run clinic.  He's a wonderful doc who actually gets out there and runs/coaches once a week with us commoners.  He set me up with steroids and sent me down to PT.  I am an OT and had been trying TENS and ultrasound but I was getting no results so I figured I'd let someone else have a try at it.  I attended a few sessions, received some great info but if anyone who is a SAHM with three kids knows, the actually act of finding time and getting to PT alone was a bigger challenge than the injury.
All that being said, I have worked my way back up to a long run of 5.5 with minimal to no pain but feel like I am a TOTAL slacker.  I am a person who has to have a race paid for and on my calender to keep me honest.  I was scheduled to race in Charlottesville the first weekend in April but got the race deferred as I knew I would never be ready.  Too many hills and not enough time on the road clocking good mileage.  Now I'm looking at my calender, tearful, at the lack of real distance races.  I have at least one 5K every month but want MORE!!! I'm also scared to death to push my knee in fear of another flare up.  Anyone out there like me? I have to believe someone else is out there.  :)

Here's my race schedule for the remainder of the year:
April- ASK 5K Richmond, VA
May- Foam Fest Richmond, VA
         Marine Corp 10K Fredericksburg, VA
June- 4 the Wounded 5K Charlottesville, VA
July- Summer Extravaganza 10K Waynesboro, VA
August- Patrick Henry Half (tentative) Ashland, VA
September- Color Run Richmond, VA
October- Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, SC
November- Richmond Half Marathon (tentative)
December- Blue and Gray Half Fredericksburg, VA

I'll probably work a few more 5K's in as my husband really enjoys running them with me.  Some of the races I haven't totally committed to for travel and injury reasons.  I need to get back to being comfortable with the 10 mile range before I can commit.  Call me paranoid but all that's a lot of cash and I don't race for t-shirts anymore.

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