Friday, March 22, 2013

My new long runs

So yesterday I decided I was going to get my long run(haha, 5.5 miles) in since this weekend is going to be crazy out-of-control and not to mention, they are calling for more SNOW.  Started out my new normal route since injuring my IT band.  Smaller rolling hills that I have been handling well for the past few weeks.  After a lap I decided I was ready to tackle the MONSTER hill in the back of my neighborhood.  As I was running down the hill, I was waiting for the pain to kick in......... nothing. I ended my run with two more rolling hill laps and called it an evening. I needed to ice my knee but my hubby and kids were patiently waiting for me to make dinner so that had to wait till after dinner, dishes and the kids baths. 
Not sure how many of my fellow injured runners do this but I literally WAIT for the pain to start.  I've been consistently running 3-4 miles pain free but feel like I need to start getting my distance up there again.  I went from running a marathon in November to not being able to run a mile without terrible pain in my knee.  I've been all the routes, MD, PT, rolling, ice, rest, stretching and strengthening. I can't wait for the day when I am running and don't even think about my knee again.  I hope that day is soon because I feel like I will never get there. 
Here's to pain free runs!!

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