Monday, June 10, 2013

Giving in for a little!!!

I've tried and tried and tried and tried but I just can't do it all right now. I've been struggling with keeping up with everything, from housework, work, my kids activities, training, cooking, and blogging/Facebook page/twitter account and I really am losing the battle. My kids are first and I feel like their behavior has changed since I have been trying to devote some time in the AM to blogging and doing all the necessaries for keeping up with all the social medias I am involved with. We gave up TV for the summer too which makes it harder as they are in the constant fighting stage and I am the referee. I am going to blog as I feel I need to, when something important is happening with my training and life. I am in the down phase right now, too many weeks out from a race to follow a training plan but not far enough out where I can let my miles drop. I am starting Insanity with my husband tonight (his favorite) and going to keep logging between 15-20 miles per week! I am starting my 16 week half plan in July for my back to backs in October and November (Myrtle Beach Mini and Richmond Half). Maybe then I will be inspired to blog more frequently and I will have a little more time on my hands as my twins will be in preschool 3 hours two times a week. Here's hoping I have more time to train then too.

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  1. Do what you need to do - your "real life" comes first! Best of luck on balancing everything.