Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

Let's see, where to begin. Even though this weekend was Father's Day weekend, my husband gave me the first treat of the weekend Friday night. I work weekends, part time OT, and knew that I had a long day on Saturday so my hubby offered to take all three of the kids to my daughter's t-ball practice and let me do my long run (6 miles) that evening while they were out. He told me early on that day so I was ready and hydrated when he got home. I got the long done, no pain in the IT band but legs are feeling DEAD!! I'm not sure what's going on. I've increased my water, decreased my mileage and have been taking it easy for the last two weeks, giving myself enough down time to get mentally and physically to be ready for the 16 week plan I have for the Myrtle Beach Half but nothing seems to be working. I got through it but they were not the greatest miles I've ever run and not the worst! Saturday was working and then playing with the kids, cooking outdoors and camping out (I slept in the house, kids and hubby in tent out back). We played kickball, we played t-ball, we played Frisbee, we played in the pool and went for a walk. Needless to say, the kids were exhausted but for some reason, I couldn't shut down until after 2AM. I hate when I have a ton of things swirling in my brain and can't shut it off! Sunday was spent cooking the kids and hubby a big breakfast then heading out into the mountains to have lunch. We decided on Devil's Backbone out at Wintergreen and it was great!! The food was great, the beer was great and the kids had a great time. We got home in time for a quick three, legs still felt dead, and then snuggled on the couch for a cartoon before bed. Family time has become so important in our house! This summer we have decreased the use of the TV to maybe a half hour for the kids in the evening (if there's time). We are taking walks, playing board games and playing outside until it's time for bed. It was a huge adjustment in the beginning but now they don't even ask to watch TV anymore. My kids are growing so fast and we need to relish our time with them as much as we can before they are gone!! Hope all the dad's out there had a wonderful Father's Day!! I missed not being able to see my dad but will be meeting up with the clan this weekend for my brother's housewarming party!! Crabs and beer, just what I need! :) Any suggestions on the legs? They feel like this no matter what time I run, 430AM or 630PM. I am willing to try just about anything (except rest) to get them back!!!

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