Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm back..... already!

This world is way too addicting. I tried to stay away for the week and here I am, Friday, posting another blog. This has been an interesting week for me in the world of exercise and fitness. I restarting the Insanity Program with my husband while continuing to run about 15 miles/week. I know that is low mileage but I have no races until Ocotber and my training program is not set to start until the second week of July. It's nice being able to make my long run what I want it to be, not my training plan. This week has also proved to be difficult for my head. I have been suffering from headaches all week. Changed out my contacts, stopped wearing eye make-up, drank more water but I did change something. I think I have inadvertently dropped my caffeine intake (new Nuun is caffeine free) and I have stopped soda in the evening and gone to water instead as the temps are back up and I need to hydrate pre and post run! Monday- 3 miles on the treadmill (boo for rain) + Insanity Cardio Plyometric Tuesday- rested (bad day all around, should have done Insanity but skipped it) Wednesday- 3 miles (am hot/humid run + Insanity Pure Cardio) Today- 3 miles (probably end up on the treadmill with encroaching derecho)+ Insanity Friday- rest day Saturday- planned long run (6+ miles) + work all day Sunday- 3 miles easy run Not bad for a slow non-training week. Last night my husband asked if I was doing all this to look good at the wedding I'm in in September, HELL no was my reply. I'm doing this to kick that halfs but in October. I am trying to PR the Myrtle Beach Mini and get under 1:50 this time around so I am doing a lot of different things this training round to decrease my time. I've never done speed work but am incorporating at least once a week speed work into my training, hoping to see the results from that and the strengthening from the Insanity! Anyone doing the Insanity program right now? What's your take on speed work? Headaches anyone?

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