Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July is almost gone!!

So July is almost gone.  For my running purposes, July is gone.  Today is my rest day before my long (I do mine on Thursday AM as I work weekends) so I thought I would look at my goals and see how I did!  I just got back from vacation and now that I look at them, I was doing a fantastic job until right before we left.

Here's July's goals/challenges:
1. Complete HIIT Challenge (Big HIIT)
2. Complete Ab Challenge (Busy Body Ab Challenge)
3. Run 75 miles (get 20 mile/week base set for training)
4. Foam roll 3 x week

I know I sound like I am making a ton of excuses but before we left for vacation I got food poisoning from some under cooked crabs and that put me out of commission for a few days too.  I did keep up the running on vacation, for more of quality alone time, than anything.
1. The HIIT Challenge lasted for about a week.  I started to feel a tinge of knee pain early on in the month so I went back to my PT prescribed exercises instead of the HIIT.
2. The Ab challenge was awesome.  I did the first three weeks without stopping and felt like I was getting stronger.  I have signed up for another Core Challenge the the challenge loop with Sneakers and Fingerpaints. I'm going to check it out as it goes as the workouts and schedule are not posted.  I love core work but sometimes find these challenges don't CHALLENGE me enough!
3.  I ran 75 miles this month. I did it, I got my base above 20 miles and have started my half program. I finished Day 2 yesterday and am doing my first long run on Thursday (7 miles) which I am totally looking forward to.  If I have plan in front of me I'm pretty anal on following it, almost obsessive.
4. Foam rolling...... the easiest damn goal on their and the one I failed at miserably.  I have it out, sitting there looking at me but I don't use it!!  Will add this one to August.

I did an impromptu 100 Push-Ups challenge this month too.  I did it too until the dreaded food poisoning and vacation.  I can do 100 push-ups but the extra work on my arms (added equal tricep dips) helped me.

Well tonight I will ponder my August goals.  I have no races this month but I do have a Bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, sending my babies off to school for the first time and tons of other stressful events BUT don't we all!!
UPDATE on my mom:  She is doing awesome.  Her shoes helped with the knee pain.  She ran 4 miles non-stop last night in 52 minutes. She bought a Garmin while we were on vacation last week and has gotten bit by the running bug!!  She is signing up for the 5K in Myrtle when I am doing the half.  I think this may hurt my chances at a PR but I wouldn't miss running my mom's first race with her for all the PR's in the world.  She's a ROCKSTAR!!!


  1. Good morning Carrie. I'd love to talk about you doing a review of our all-new and upgrade "Ultimate 5k Plan." Can you please email me?

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