Friday, August 2, 2013

August goals and a Bachelorette Party!!

This is the month, the month that I will foam roll three times a week and complete a challenge!! I am starting this month off on a positive note as I pack up the car in preparation for a girls weekend/bridal shower/bachelorette party.  I am not looking forward to all the bad choices I will be making this weekend but it's only a weekend.
Here's my goals for this month:
1. Run 85+ miles (I started my half plan on the 30th of July)
2. Complete the August Core Focus Challenge with Sneakers and Fingerpaints
3. Foam Roll 3 x week
4. Complete Plank challenge (doing one, 1 minute plank for the day #)

I think they are realistic goals and I know I can meet each and everyone if I  keep my head in the game.

Half Training Week 1
Monday- 4.5 miles
Tuesday- 4.5 miles
Thursday- 7 miles
Friday- 3 miles
Sunday 4- miles

I've been trying to start back to my PT exercises for my glutes as I am always fearful my IT band will start screaming at me when I increase my mileage.  I am doing it right this training, increasing at the correct % and not overdoing it.  I will start speed training once the kids are back in school (August 20th). I've never done speed work but I have a feeling it will help!!

Race Schedule for August:
August 31st- Charlottesville Women's 4 Miler

That's it from my world.  Off to the wilds of Maryland and bachelorette parties.  I'm getting a little too old for this kind of thing!!!
FORGOT to tell you--- Tuesday I am reviewing ZuZu's from my long run this week and will have a GIVEAWAY!!!

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