Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend wrap up and unplugging the TV!!

This weekend was a little strange. I only had to work one of the two days so it made it really feel like a holiday weekend for the entire family.
Saturday I got up at 5AM to do my long run. Managed to eke out 7.5 miles in the freezing cold, no joke.  I laid out my running clothes the night before but after checking the temps and seeing that it was 38 degrees with a wind chill of 34, I figured I better at least throw on some sleeves.  Off I went.  Legs still weren't feeling good and energy levels were still down so I took a Gu at mile 4 and felt a little better.  Pace is still off which doesn't bode well for the upcoming race on the 1st of June but I am only blowing my nose 10 times a day rather than 100 so I am making improvements.  Final pace was at 9:20 which is about 20 seconds off.  My husband is a week in front of me with the cold and he is finally symptom free so I'm thinking by race day I will be too.
Saturday evening we invited the neighbors over for a cookout and S'mores around the fire pit and had a great time.  Other than the guests not leaving till after midnight, it was a success.  I had to work on Sunday, which ended up being, a COMPLETE waste of time trekking into the facility for 3 patients but hey, it's their choice what they give me so I just go along for the ride. When I got home, we all took a very long walk around the neighborhood, stopping to talk to most of the neighbors that were outside doing yard work.  Out to dinner was the next stop topped off with some Sweet Frog for the kids and home for bed.  This is NOT the norm for us.  We are the stay-at-home, eat in and for the most part healthy family so what a treat for the kiddos this weekend.
Our kids decided to get upset in the car on the way home when we told them there would be no TV tonight. They typically get to watch at least one cartoon before bed but we decided this summer we are taking the TV away.  After dinner they can either go back outside and play or game inside but the TV will not be getting turned on.  I know initially this is going to be tough for everyone but, I am looking forward to more quality evenings spent with the family and no more Transformers or Dora!!!
Anyone trying to unplug for the summer?  Is it working??

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