Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting better......

This has been a LONG week.  I caught a horrible cold over the weekend and was not able to run at all. I gave myself two days off to try and kick it but that did not do the trick.

Monday-  Short 3 mile run. I was chewing gum the entire time but was still coughing and hacking.  My legs felt DEAD and my chest even worse.  I was planning on running a little further but decided 3 was my limit and I looked at my watch and knew I needed to stop.  I was running a 9:20 pace. I haven't run that pace in over a year so I knew something was not right!!

Tuesday- I took Tuesday off from running but still had a ton of other things with the kids to get through so it really wasn't a rest day.  Sports class, gymnastics, swim lessons and a bunch of errands left me DONE for the day.

Wednesday- Hey sure.....let's wake up at 5am and get a run in.  Alarm went off, 3 times, and I finally rolled out of bed.  Planned to do a 5, ended up at a 3 with a 9:00 pace.  Once again DEAD legs and chest that was killing me not to mention, it was hot and humid already.  Glad I got my run in but not happy with the results.

Thursday- Decided to run in the evening.  It was around 80 when I started at 7PM and humid.  I finally got 4 good miles in.  Pace was still a little slow at 8:30 but getting down to where it should be and my legs felt better, not GREAT but better!!!

Today (Friday) is going to be another rest day.  Planning on hitting the road early tomorrow AM for at least a 7, maybe more if I feel better.  I have some new gels and chews that I might try tomorrow from this months Kona Kase and I will be Nuuning (my new addiction) it up today as I can NOT watch Hannibal without a glass of wine!!  My husband and I LOVE that show, it's just a little disturbing!
Well happy three day weekend to some of you.  I will be working this weekend and the hubby never gets the little holidays off so no biggie for us.  I do want to say THANK YOU to all that have served our country!   I owe my freedom to them and appreciate them for keeping my family safe!!!

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