Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweaty Survey

I am taking this from Breathe Deeply and Smile (  Thought a good Sweaty Survey would be a good mid-week blog.

Sweaty Survey

A few weeks ago I saw this survey from Kim at My Healthy Nest  and thought it would be super fun to fill out!
Her super sweaty questions were: 

1. Which are you more responsive to during a workout: positive encouragement or peer pressure?
Unfortunately I think peer pressure is what tends to be more motivating to me.  If someone is running fast, I tend to want to keep up with them.
2. What’s something on your fitness bucket list? 
I recently ran a full marathon and ever since then I have been dreaming about running Boston.  Right now, it's not in the cards and truthfully, it never may be!
3. Would you rather be in a group fitness class that’s overwhelmingly crowded or awkwardly empty?  
I would love the empty class.  Getting more attention, making sure form and moves were correct would be wonderful.  I am not a fan of crowds!
4. Rank these activities in order of your preference/interest (favorite to least favorite): running, Zumba, yoga, Cross Fit, swimming, hiking, biking, pilates, kickboxing, sports that involve balls, spinning, weight lifting.
Running, pilates, hiking, swimming, sports involving balls, weight lifting, spinning, kickboxing, Cross Fit, Zumba, biking
5. Would you rather work out next to someone with major B.O. or someone who grunts constantly?
If I have too, I guess the grunting as I would just turn my music up!!
6. What’s your standard workout wear? (T-shirt/tank top, shorts/capris?)
T-shirt and shorts, so boring!! 
7. Favorite post-workout snack?
Water and pretzels, very random.  I typically don't eat after working out!
8. Which are your strongest muscles? Most neglected?
My strongest muscles are my quads, my weakest are my glutes. I unfortunately found this out the hard way and suffered and IT band issue after my marathon.
9. Would you rather be trained by Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper? (Or a favorite celeb trainer of your choice!)
Hands down, Bob Harper. I have had dreams about doing yoga with him and have a few of his DVDs.
10. What’s one thing you’ve learned about fitness or your body in the last year?
I've learned that running can be taken away in an instant and that I should appreciate my body and it's capabilities and NEVER take the ability to just go run a 3 for granted!!  Injuries ground us!

So what do you think?  I love doing these surveys to see where I am and answer questions that I wouldn't normally answer.  
I've been working on the blog this week.  I am figuring out how to add things and remove things so I am getting there. I recently won a giveaway from  for a Tarafit DVD program of 10 minute workouts.  Looking forward to receiving this as I think I may take a week off of running after my last 5K in June.  I really love running but I think my body would like a break from the running and my mind would like to try something new. I only have a week as I am starting a new Half program that I designed myself. I am also starting speed workouts at UVA with a running group there. I was thinking of sharing it with my current group if I can get them down. I am ordering a few books too!! I have the running bug bad still, guess that's a good thing, better than other addictions.   
Well let me know how I'm doing, I would love any feedback or comments!!

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