Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lock Laces Review and my first EVER giveaway!!!!

I am a night and predawn runner.  I run when my kids sleep, that means it's either 4:30 in the morning or 9:00 in the evening when my real runs get going. I go out with my phone, pepper spray, water, Gu, headlamp and I-pod and out the door I go.  I run in circle around my neighborhood (2.2 mile loop) so for the most part I feel safe but between the odd cars that cruise around all hours of the night and the bears/skunks, I feel the need to carry something with me for protection.  Recently I was approached by a wonderful company, Lock Laces to review their laces.  I thought first off, heck yeah, product and review opportunity.  Then I thought, I NEVER have to worry about my shoes untying in the dark, one less thing to worry about.  Here's what my lovely and very boring Brooks look like with my new laces.  Minus the college degree you must have to just lace up running shoes, they were super easy to put on.  

 I have worn them for about three weeks now, 12 short runs and 3 long runs.  They are great!! I have narrow feet so I have to really yank on my laces to get them tight enough so my foot doesn't move too much and they get tight enough. I actually had to loosen them in the beginning. My fears were they would loosen as I ran, didn't happen. They would wear down and loose elasticity, not yet. The only downfall to wearing these laces is, my SPA pink laces are gone.  I need to get them in pink next time for my pop of color!!!! Here is some product info:

Lock Laces™, the original patented elastic shoelace and fastening system, were invented by Eric Jackson, President and CEO of Street Smart LLC, in 1997. Lock Laces™ are worn by athletes and triathletes worldwide. Lock Laces™ are available nationwide and in many countries through our trusted international distributors.
Lock Laces
Made for competition, LOCK LACES™ is the only patented performance lacing system engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, triathletes, marathoners, and walkers. Unlike other products, wearing LOCK LACES™ sustains compression across the foot increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles which helps endurance athletes manage fatigue
LOCK LACES™ are a universal cut to fit design.
The LOCK is fast and easy to adjust and guarantees laces will never come undone. The unique cord tip clip protects lace ends.

 Has anyone tried Lock Laces before?  Like them, love them, not so much???  Let me know your experiences with the laces.  Now onto the fun stuff.  GIVEAWAY time.  I have one pair of RED laces that for one lucky winner.

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  1. I have a pair of orange already that match my Mizuno Wave Creations. I need some gray or neon to replace the laces in my Saucony Cohesions.

    You can check out my current ones here: Or on my blog

  2. I love them all, honestly!

  3. I want to get green! :)

  4. I see you have red, but I'd love any color. They look great.

  5. I would love the pink! They would match my black and pink Hokas! :)