Monday, May 6, 2013

First 10K EVER!!

This weekend was a busy one.  I had to work on Saturday and we have a ton of work to do to get this house Spring/Summer ready.  I also had my first ever 10K on Sunday morning.  I have done ever other distance but for some reason, this one has gotten away from me.  I ran with a couple of ladies from my running group, my fast running partner from my last race (ASK 5K) and one of the ladies husbands.  It was a total different experience this week, thankfully.
We started out at an 8:00/mile pace which we were doing good with and then fluctuated between 8:10-8:20 the rest of the race.  She doesn't wear a watch so I was in charge of the pacing which doesn't bother me.  I watch the pace and she keeps me going. She is a little faster than me but that's the beauty, I keep up with her and it betters my time.  She is like me, constantly competing with herself and trying to do BETTER every race she runs.  I normally am not a finish line sprinter, I tell her every race, I'm a distance runner, I don't sprint.  Well this race, I sprinted the last 100 and it felt great!!! I raced a woamn that came up next to me during those last 200 and beat her which felt awesome.  I know, I'm a little competitive but it's what's taken me from a 10:00/mile to an 8:00/mile.
I have now been contemplating attending a speed workout at the UVA track.  The workouts are FREE and there are some great runners there that I could learn a lot from. I have two hang-ups, one- it's at 530AM and      two- I have a race this weekend and then another in two weeks so I just need to get past them and then really start training for the fall season. I have decided after my June 1, Wounded Warrior 5K, that I am taking a racing break until late summer, fall. I need to work on my speed, distance and strengthen my core and glutes. I have signed up for one half this fall and have another one in the back of my head for the end of August so I really need to make sure my knee is ready for the distance and I am mentally ready to get under 1:50 for the half.  I finished my last half at 1:57 so 7 minutes if lofty but totally doable with the right training.  I had thought about hiring a coach to get my time down but am now being approached by my friends for plans and training help for fulls and halfs.  That is the ultimate compliment and I am considering getting my coaching certificate in the future.  Not sure I am going to jump into the ring with all the other SUPER coaches out there but some local stuff and my own training would be wonderful.
On a sad note, I had to say good bye to a wonderful woman this Sunday. I played competitive fast pitch softball throughout my high school career and traveled across the US with a great group of girls. Some of my fondest memories are on the softball field with these ladies and it is bittersweet that I only get to see them at funerals now. We always plan to get together for a happy event at the funerals but they never seem to happen and then another death occurs.  Life is way too short, I am trying to appreciate ever minute I have with my family and friends as I know it could be taken away in an instant.  
On a happy note, happy Monday.  Beginning of another training week. I have the Foam Fest 5K this weekend to look forward to with my husband and then Mother's Day!!! Happy running!

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