Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I promised last week that I wouldn't disappear for another week and low and behold I did. My last post was written the morning of Boston while I sat and followed the race via BAA.com. I was so excited to feel like I was part of something huge and that I am really a part of the running community then, I took my sons to their sports training class and started to receive messages from my friends. "So glad you're not there." "Glad you didn't qualify." I forgot my tablet so I was in the dark and still have the old fashioned phone so internet on that thing is spotty at best. I thought some my friends were being odd so I turned on the news station in my van and heard the news. I almost got sick in the car and thankfully, my children weren't with me. I started to tear up and thought of all those people. WHY would anyone bomb runners??? We're the crazy people that get up at 4AM to run, run for hours at a time and do it all because we CHOOSE to. Our spectators wait for hours sometimes to see us on the course, just a glimpse. I've never truly understood what pure evil was or how it can be within a person. For once, was happy to have run a slow marathon, if I had qualified, I would have gone with my husband and I fear one of us wouldn't have come home to our three wonderful children. That being said I am grateful to the BPD and all other law enforcement that was involved and pray that the victims can find some peace.

I signed up for the Runners United to Remember, have purchased a wonderful t-shirt and Sweaty Band to support Boston. The Carytown 10K, which I am running on a whim, has changed their shirts to blue and yellow in honor of Boston and I look forward to sporting my Sweaty Band, Runners United bib and Carytown tech shirt during that race. I am hoping to get some pictures as I have a few friends that I am running with. I actually get to cross the finish line and have someone there.

Training has been going well. Got an 8-mile run in with my fast running friend. She and I push each other and it was great, as I have NEVER done a long run with anyone. I am starting to figure out my training plan for my next half. I am trying to drop into the 1:40s so speed training is something I'm going to HAVE to add. I loathe speed training and have avoided it at all costs. This will be my first ever flat half so maybe that will help with my time too. Getting close to the 20's a week mark and will feel better about myself when I get there. I'm trying to bee accountable for my running, blogging, housework, mom duties, work duties and I have let some things fall by the wayside. Next up, It Works, Get Your Sexy Back, wrap which I will be trying this weekend and reviewing for your pleasure. I had twins three years ago, 15 months after I had my daughter so I am afraid there is no amount of planks and sit-ups that can totally repair my body. I am going to post a few pics but am having severe anxiety about it. After that will be a review of an Ab program that my wonderful friend Nicole at Cole Sqaured created for me and probably a Kona Kase review. Busy, busy, busy and only three birthday parties, work, preschool, gymnastics, sports class and swim lessons to fit in.

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