Monday, April 15, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

MIA again last week. I have got to get myself together. Stressful week all around from the hubbies job, kids activities, school and kids/momma being sick. No excuse but truly I'm not sure how all you wonderful people keep up with Twitter, Facebook, blogging, running, working and kids. I would LOVE if we could add just two more hours to my day, both of which EVERYONE in my house was sleeping.
Training last week: a little over 17 miles. I finally got my virtual Happy 5K run completed with a running friend from my Moms Run This Town group. Ran in my neighborhood at a slower pace but was thankful because I had to rearrange my long run for my hubby's hunting schedule, rain and bridesmaid duties. Long this week was 7.3 on Friday evening after a busy day of school, gymnastics, getting the house prepped for the in-laws, packing for bridesmaid duty and grocery shopping. Needless to say, it wasn't my greatest run but the pain was minimal in my knee so I can't complain.
I always look at my end of week mileage and am disappointed when it's under 20. I spent all of 2012 running in the 20's getting ready for the Richmond Marathon and now I think I am still having postpartum (marathon withdrawl) with all this Boston talk. It's been a dream of mine to run THAT race as I feel if you get there, you've made it. Not sure I will ever get there, but I may make a run for it next year!

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