Monday, March 10, 2014

MIA... stomach flu and pink eye YEAH!!!!

I know I disappeared again!! The stomach flu, pink eye and an ear infection hit my house right around the arrival of the latest snow storm. I've had nothing but sick and grumpy children in the house, thankfully, they went back to school today and everyone is healthy. Silver lining, my house is disinfected and clean, for today.  
Well the weather changed for the better for the past four days allowing for a little outdoor, super comfortable running.  I'm racing this weekend, Martha Jefferson 8K in Charlottesville, VA and am a little nervous as the course is totally different this year and I always worry I'm going to injure myself and sideline my half in a few weeks.  
Training for the half is going well.  Keeping HMP for 12 miles last week proved to be tough but I did it.  I bought a hydration vest to decrease my time spent at water station but have yet to use it.  I'm a slacker and HATE to try new things and I believe I still won't hit that goal of 1:49:59.  
I'm going to stay positive and shoot for a goal time between 40-41 minutes this weekend.  My running partner and I are running this one this weekend and we tend to keep each other in the low 8's and upper 7's for our 4+ runs.  
Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.  I know it's early in the week but I never know what this week will bring.  I start coaching my daughter's softball team tomorrow, WISH ME LUCK!!  10, 4-6 year olds, a little challenging!  

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