Monday, March 31, 2014

March update, April goals

Well I'm not running the Charlottesville Half Marathon this weekend.  I coach my daughter's softball team and darn if they didn't put opening day at 9:00am, an hour away from the finish line. In the past, the start time has been 6:30 but they bumped it to 7:00 and I'm not that fast!!!  I'm totally bummed as this is the race I had to defer on last season due to my IT band issues. I was in the middle of PT and thought it was NOT a good idea to run that race with any issues.  

The good news, I signed up for the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA in May. I've run this course (Blue and Gray Half) in the past and am looking forward to the inspiration that I will get from running with so many service men and women.  The first half of the course is down hill and the second is uphill so I have a feeling I will have a negative split but as long as I'm under 1:57, I'm going to count it as a win.  
So for the month of April..... no races.  I have one in May and possibly two in June and then nothing again until September.  I start my marathon training in July and am hoping to clean up my diet and get my nutrition and hydration in check so I can cut some time (hopefully 26 minutes).  This will be my second marathon and I made SO many mistakes in the first that I hope to fix those in the second.  

March goals:
1. Run 100 miles------ check
2. Drink more water----- check (I gave up soda for Lent, no choice as I can't stand fruit juice)
3. Roll at least 3 x week ----- nope
4. Plank 4 x week----- 75% met

April goals:
1. Run 100+ miles
2. Cut out sugar--- will begin decreasing and limiting sugar
3. Blog at least once a week
4. Plank 4 x week
5. Roll 3 x week

What are everyone else's goals?  I was going to put in another goal for increasing my cross training but I've been doing that on a weekly basis with my daughter that I feel like it's too easy to meet. 

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  1. It's a bummer when life and running collide. Awesome mileage in March though!!