Friday, January 3, 2014

Races Plans for 2014

Snow has come to VA but just enough to make it muddy, not enough to take my littles outside and have a good time. 
I had such hopes of getting another outdoor run in this week, looks like I'm stuck on the treadmill for another round of miles.  

Thought I would update everyone on my races scheduled for 2014:

March 15th- Martha Jefferson 8K
April 5th-Charlottesville Half Marathon
April 26th- Waynesboro Half Marathon (questionable)
May 4th- Carytown 10K
May 18th- Marine Corp Historic Half (questionable)
June 7th- 4 The Wounded 5K
June 14th- Lawyer for Love 10K
September- Colonial 70 (if my team gets it's butt together)
November 9th- OBX Marathon

I guess this is a good start to a great year.  I always worry myself when I make these lofty plans and goals as an injury is always one step away.  My husband knows about 75% of the races and I will slowly work the other ones in.  While he supports me 100%, they are costly and time consuming and some interfere with his one passion, hunting.  

After the full in November, I found a 16 week Ultra program that I believe I'm going to try.  I'm trying to get my self fully prepared for the Lt. JC Stone 50K Ultra Marathon in PA that I've been eyeing up for about a year.  

Anyone with advice for a newbie Ultra wanna be?  I've found the plans and I have a while to get
myself psyched up for it.
Anyone know where I can find a race fairy for the MC Historic Half? Do they comp bloggers
in exchange for a review???


  1. Sounds like a great list of races, good luck!

  2. Your race list looks even more daunting than mine. lol. Good luck!

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