Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marine Corp Half and Pure LYFT review

Well another race weekend has passed and I'm neither happy nor sad about my performance. As some of you know I've been battling a nasty cough (bronchitis) for the past week and have been having coughing fits on a daily and frequent basis. I tried chewing gum, drinking water and taking OTC.... nothing was working. Saturday proved to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Two ball practices, ball pictures, ball game and packet pick-up. The expo was nice, small and not many free goodies or race codes but very organized and I was in and out within an hour (light shopping). Race day, 4:30 always comes early as I NEVER sleep well the night before a race. I was up at 1, 2, and then finally at 4:27. Parking was ample but a tad far for my liking, port-a-potties a plenty, and not overly crowded. Opening ceremonies were great with a fly over and all. The race itself. I checked out the elevation and I think there were some discrepancies because I don't remember ANY down hill. If we weren't running a quick flat burst, we were running rolling hills or STRAIGHT up Hospital Hill (placed kindly at mile 11.5). People fear this hill, many walked up it but I refused. My pace dropped to 9:30 but I just kept going!!! After THAT hill there was another. Pace stayed in the upper 8's and then I turned it on for the last mile. I was aiming for the 1:40s but saw that that was going to be out of reach. I literally had to stop at EVERY water station this race to get my cough and breathing under control. So long story short, 1:50:58....... 59 DAMN seconds!!!!! I tell myself it was a good race, a PR, a finish but it will eat at the back of my mind until the next half.
Next is Pure LYFT. I was lucky enough to be one of the ladies selected to review this INTERESTING product. The packaging is different as well as the directions. It took me a second to actually figure it out but I managed!
Well, I tasted a slight citrus flavor but that was it. Tasted like water to me. I drank it early in the AM and felt energized that morning. I have used both of the samples they provided and have felt the same way both times so I scientifically can't say that it did anything but I felt like I had more energy. Overall, good pick-me-up with minimal to no taste that I could use in any beverage. I chose to use water (not a juice drinker) so I'm not sure how it would taste in something else. 

Here's some product info:
LYFT® Energy Stir Sticks are an innovative “clean caffeine”™ energy product infused with all natural caffeine and vitamins that provide a sophisticated energy experience.
  • Zero Calories
  • Clean Taste
  • Can be used with a variety of different beverages from water to freshly pressed juices to coconut water and cocktails
  • Vibrant Alertness
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Caffeine equivalent to one tall coffee

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