Friday, November 1, 2013

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Review

It's been two weeks since my last half and I think I am finally ready to talk about it!!  I went to Myrtle Beach for the Mini Marathon and the 5K.  I ran the 5K with my mother, her second ever race, and the half with a friend, her first half ever.

The 5K was great.  We got there early, plenty of port-o-johns, lots of time for photos with my mom. It was around 60 degrees with 98% humidity at the 7:30 AM start.  What a great time. The course was nothing spectacular, not much scenery, but I was with my mom.  I would not have changed ANYTHING, I just wanted to run with her.  We finished at a respectable 35:03.  A PR for her and a race I will never forget.

We spent the rest of that day shopping (walking) and showing Myrtle Beach to my friend.  A few laps at Broadway (more walking) with no water.  We then went looking for a simple grilled chicken sandwich and baked potato (my pre-race meal).  Do you know how hard it was to find one........ took us over two hours till we could eat. I had a beer with dinner and then lots of water.  Another beer when we got back to the condo and then off to bed.  I nor my friend slept for more that 5 hours.
We both woke up with no troubles, neither one of us slept.  Out the door to pouring down rain.  Thankful to have disposable ponchos, on they went and off the the LONG line at the port-o-johns.  We waited, it poured, we waited some more, it poured some more.  We finally got to our coral with about 10 minutes to go.  Stretched a little, chatted a little and then stretched some more.   All of a sudden the clouds cleared and the rain stopped.  The race started.

Now I have run a ton of these and you know that feeling you get when you start and you just KNOW it's not going to be good.  YEAP, I had that feeling by mile 2.  It was super humid, I was pacing with my friend, not focused, not listening to my music, more concerned about making a set time in my mind.  I think I had mentally quit by mile 5.  Not good!!

 This picture was at mile 10.  Let me preface this by saying, this course was 95% flat.  I train on and run 75% hills.  I had quite possibly the worst cramp in my quad but I smiled when she took the picture.
When we finished all I wanted was a bunch of bananas, a bottle of water and a dry shirt.  The finish was on the boardwalk and the wind had picked up and I was soaked.  I didn't even go get a beer (VERY unlike me).  I PR'd the race at 1:55 but that was NOT what I was shooting for.
I do have to say, the race/course was awesome. Myrtle Beach always puts on a spectacular race.  Not too big, great support, great swag, and the best medals I have ever seen. I have figured out where I went wrong and am going to fix it in two weeks when I run the Richmond Half.
Anyone just get that feeling during a race?  I know I'm full of excuses but when all that training goes down the drain, you have to beat your head against the wall and try to figure out where you went wrong!!!


  1. Congrats on your PR! I know that we all set goals for ourselves and want certain things but for others looking in (like me) this is incredibly awesome!